RSW Investments was founded in February 2005 by Robert S. Waas and is located in Summit, New Jersey. The firm specializes in the professional management of separate account municipal bond portfolios for individual investors, and may also provide investment advice to trusts, estates, charitable organizations, and other corporations or business entities. RSW is a Registered Investment Advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Currently, assets under management exceed $1.5 billion1.

What we believe distinguishes RSW from other Asset Managers:

  • Investment Objective: Maximize after-tax total rate of return
  • Focus on capturing the yield of longer maturity debt, while embracing the volatility normally associated with intermediate term bonds
  • Methodical, disciplined, and systematic approach
  • Seek to enhance wealth through superior yield curve positioning and optimal portfolio structure
  • Emphasize 10-15 year segment of the yield curve
  • Predominantly invest in high quality premium coupon callable assets
  • Quantitative focus on research
  • Predetermined buy and sell strategies2
  • No interest rate anticipation tactics
  • Benchmark: Barclays Capital Municipal Bond Index (36K+ securities)
We invite you to learn more about our services and business philosophy, as well as encourage you to visit our Crossing the Bridge segment, where we provide you with access to our regular and insightful financial market commentary. We are focused, responsible, and committed to our clients. Cross the bridge and discover how RSW’s unique investment style can help you achieve your investment goals.

1As of 6/30/15
2RSW’s predetermined sell discipline should serve to reduce fluctuations in the value of the investments during periods of rising interest rates (during periods of stable or declining interest rates a “pre-determined” approach does not apply, and in these instances RSW will use it’s professional judgment.)